Bi Roix

Play different with the rules of the usual chess

More than 30 minigames and chess-based puzzles

Let yourself be guided by the story of a king seeking vengeance. Go from rookie to expert effortlessly. An easy way to get into the world of chess, but a surprising challenge for advanced players.


  • Play against the computer. The difficulty adapts to your experience
  • Different variants of chess: Silverman, Gardner, Los Alamos, Baby, ...
  • Plus classic chess
  • Checkmate puzzles in 1 or 2 moves
  • Levels with limited-time per turn
  • Story mode guided by an epic adventure
  • Free mode to easily select your favorite levels
  • Web levels editor. Create and share levels with your friends
  • Keyboard, mouse and gamepad support
  • Translated into English and Spanish